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This class focuses on the interaction of technology and education.

~Thomas Harris


Genius Hour #5

This is my 5th and final Genius Hour post. Over the course of this semester, I have learned a lot about my Genius Hour project. I think that my product came a long way since I first started. At first, I thought I was going to use the concept of a 3D printer but then changed it to a 3D printer pen. I think that this project would very useful in the classroom. I can imagine students using this idea in all classes to help them visualize what they have learned.

In addition to what I have learned, I have thought about bringing this project forward in the future. I am already considering giving my prototype to a local high school in my hometown. I hope that if I do that, it will help students learn effectively in the classroom. If I continue to invest in this project in the future, I will try to push for this concept to be a part of every classroom.

Lastly, I will discuss how I can present this project to a school board or to another person. The first thing I would say is that this project is a great visual aid for students. I would then demonstrate how the 3D pen works and ask for a volunteer to use it. I would then have closing remarks on how cheap this product is and how easy it is to use. I hope that if I present this project in the future, that it will receive positive feedback.

I hope that if you are reading these posts, that you have learned as much as I have. This has been a great project and I have benefited from the research and time I have invested. Have a great day!

~Thomas Harris

Genius Hour #4

Over the last few weeks I have been finalizing my design for the genius hour project. My original design started out to be a 3D printer but was changed into a 3D printer pen. Reasons for this change were, the cost of this product is cheaper, easier to use than a printer, and the broad capability of the new design. The new design can also be used in many class subjects such as Art, History, Math, etc.

Along with the new design, I asked Catherine Harris if she had an interest in my project. She said she did and I let her try it out. Some of the feedback she gave me was, “It’s a great product and I know it will be useful for students K-12.” Another thing she said was, “This product feels fun while it is teaching UDL and educational principles.”

Overall I am satisfied with the progress I have made with my design. I know that I can continually make the product better and more effective in the classroom. I will be showing my product to more classmates in the upcoming Genius Hour Fair. This has been a great and educational project this semester!

Genius Hour #2

The first blog post I had about my Genius Hour involved the concept of a 3D printer pen. I have researched some more on the topic through comparing with classmates, searching twitter, and looking at other websites. My understanding of the purpose of my Genius Hour has definitely grown.

Looking at other classmates, I found that another person had a similar concept as mine. The person was thinking of a 3D printer but not a pen. We both want to make it to were our 3D printers and pens can be used to benefit those in school. I could see that we both had the students best interest in mind.

Searching twitter I also found a lot of good ideas similar to mine. Most of the things I found are helpful to me. I realized that the 3D printer idea can be useful in all sorts of scenarios that I did not think of. Literally, students can make anything with what I want to develop.

Lastly, I looked at other websites through google. It seems that there is an overwhelming amount of potential for 3D printers and pens. Soon we can unlock this potential and can achieve amazing educational benefits. I am excited to see whats in store for my Genius Hour project. Check back later for more updates on my 3D printer pen!

Here is a power point that explains my prototype.3D printer presentation

~Thomas Harris

Genius Hour

For this Genius Hour Project, I will be focusing on the concept of a 3D printer pen. The printer is not only a normal 3D printer, but one that focuses on building historical buildings or drawings. This project will help educate students and teachers.

This project is also relevant to me because I love learning about history. Being able to make something that interests me is an amazing opportunity. Not only is this project relevant to me, but it is relevant to K-12 students. It follows all three UDL principles which are engagement, expression, and presentation. Because it follows all three UDL principles, it is useful in the classroom.

Engagement is seen by how students can interact with the 3D printer pen and make anything that comes to mind. Students can set goals on what product they desire to make. Expression is seen by students when they can create their own designs outside the classroom. Lastly, presentation is seen by how 3D printing pen can catered to different learning styles of students.

In addition to my opinion, there are other people who want to integrate it in the classroom. Some of these people are on twitter. Here are two people that focus on 3D printing:@goprinting3D and 3dprintnerd.com.