Genius Hour

For this Genius Hour Project, I will be focusing on the concept of a 3D printer pen. The printer is not only a normal 3D printer, but one that focuses on building historical buildings or drawings. This project will help educate students and teachers.

This project is also relevant to me because I love learning about history. Being able to make something that interests me is an amazing opportunity. Not only is this project relevant to me, but it is relevant to K-12 students. It follows all three UDL principles which are engagement, expression, and presentation. Because it follows all three UDL principles, it is useful in the classroom.

Engagement is seen by how students can interact with the 3D printer pen and make anything that comes to mind. Students can set goals on what product they desire to make. Expression is seen by students when they can create their own designs outside the classroom. Lastly, presentation is seen by how 3D printing pen can catered to different learning styles of students.

In addition to my opinion, there are other people who want to integrate it in the classroom. Some of these people are on twitter. Here are two people that focus on 3D printing:@goprinting3D and


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