Genius Hour #2

The first blog post I had about my Genius Hour involved the concept of a 3D printer pen. I have researched some more on the topic through comparing with classmates, searching twitter, and looking at other websites. My understanding of the purpose of my Genius Hour has definitely grown.

Looking at other classmates, I found that another person had a similar concept as mine. The person was thinking of a 3D printer but not a pen. We both want to make it to were our 3D printers and pens can be used to benefit those in school. I could see that we both had the students best interest in mind.

Searching twitter I also found a lot of good ideas similar to mine. Most of the things I found are helpful to me. I realized that the 3D printer idea can be useful in all sorts of scenarios that I did not think of. Literally, students can make anything with what I want to develop.

Lastly, I looked at other websites through google. It seems that there is an overwhelming amount of potential for 3D printers and pens. Soon we can unlock this potential and can achieve amazing educational benefits. I am excited to see whats in store for my Genius Hour project. Check back later for more updates on my 3D printer pen!

Here is a power point that explains my prototype.3D printer presentation

~Thomas Harris


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