Genius Hour #4

Over the last few weeks I have been finalizing my design for the genius hour project. My original design started out to be a 3D printer but was changed into a 3D printer pen. Reasons for this change were, the cost of this product is cheaper, easier to use than a printer, and the broad capability of the new design. The new design can also be used in many class subjects such as Art, History, Math, etc.

Along with the new design, I asked Catherine Harris if she had an interest in my project. She said she did and I let her try it out. Some of the feedback she gave me was, “It’s a great product and I know it will be useful for students K-12.” Another thing she said was, “This product feels fun while it is teaching UDL and educational principles.”

Overall I am satisfied with the progress I have made with my design. I know that I can continually make the product better and more effective in the classroom. I will be showing my product to more classmates in the upcoming Genius Hour Fair. This has been a great and educational project this semester!


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