Here are some projects I have been working on in Edit 2000

  1. UDL Narrative:
  2. Read my response to the Story Corps Interview! response-paper-story-corps
  3. Here is a picture of my visual note taking skills I have learned IMG_0568
  4. Stop Motion Project: Butterfly Life Cycle
    1.  Check out my stop motion project!
    2.  It covers a Butterfly’s life cycle. Members of my group are: Catherine Harris, Chris Barnes, and Richard LeCounte.
    3. Check out my project reflection!
  5. BOYD Project
    1. Task #1: Check out my interview analysis with Mrs. Harris!
    2. Task #2: Check out my Groups Plan of Action!
    3. Task #3: Check out my Groups learning activity!
    4. BYOD Finished Project:
    5. BYOD Presentation: